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History of Church of Our Savior, MCC

Church of Our Savior, MCC, began as a satellite extension of the Church of the Holy Spirit, now the Sunshine Cathedral, in Fort Lauderdale, to accommodate worshippers from north Broward and south Palm Beach counties. The first service was held in a rented space in Boca Raton in the fall of 1990, and the church was chartered the following year. The membership grew to about 125 during the first five years.

A traditional worship service was held on Sunday morning and a more contemporary service Sunday evening. The church was actively involved in community PRIDE events as well as outreach programs to feed the hungry and homeless in Palm Beach County. Those living with AIDS met weekly as a support group in members’ homes. In addition, the church hosted various 12-step groups. In 1995, the church experienced a change in direction and in 1996 they chose a new pastor, Rev. Tyrone Sweeting.

About this time, the church left its first location and started talking about buying property. A member bequeathed $100,000, and the search was on. In the meantime, services took place in an interesting two-room sanctuary with a tiny passageway for the altar in between the rooms.

In 1997 Church of Our Savior bought a dine-in Pizza Hut. Members and their friends did much of the alteration of the restaurant into a church. The result was a dramatic transformation into the beautiful sanctuary that we call home today. In May of 2004, Rev. Sweeting accepted a position in Tennessee. From June to September, the board of directors and the lay ministry maintained the worship services, and concerned members dealt with administration, visitation, and pastoral care.

In September, 2004, the Rev. Dr. Ana Vargas came as a part-time interim pastor. She was responsible for helping the congregation to move back into the community and to reestablish old programs and start new ones. In September of 2005, the congregation called long time  member and organist to the pulpit. Rev. Renwick Bell was ordained on September 3, and installed as pastor on September 4, 2005. Rev. Bell served as Pastor until June, 2014. In September, 2014, the Rev. Catherine Dearlove of England was called as the Provisional Pastor.

The Rev. Jack M. Copas was called as Interim Pastor In July of 2015 and served until October 2017. He previously was in pastoral ministry within United Methodist Church for 37 years. Within that time he served eight churches in The Greater New Jersey Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Rev Wendy WoodruffRev. Wendy Woodruff has been settled pastor of Church of Our Savior since October of 2017. She has been working at various levels of ministry since 1994.  She has the training, education and experience to work with individuals, small groups and the congregation as a whole, to encourage healing and growth, with the goal of creating a healthy church community, that can focus on the growth of the congregation as well as reaching out to the larger community.

Pastor Wendy has served as Senior Pastor at MCC Winston-Salem, North Carolina where she used her training in Interim/Provisional Pastoral Leadership to assist the congregation to heal past hurts, to celebrate past joys and accomplishments, to define the community and who they want to be.  The congregation grew in numbers as it found its mission.  It is now a stable community and recently elected a permanent pastor. After graduating from Chicago Theological Seminary, she served as Associate Pastor at MCC Illiana, Lake Station, Indiana and Senior Pastor at Milwaukee MCC, Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 2006 -2016.

Pastor Wendy believes that worship is where we come together to pray, to meditate and to celebrate. Worship helps us to focus, to heal and to find the strength and the will to help each other. Then we can reach out to the larger Community to help others. We practice our Christian faith by sharing ourselves with others outside our church walls. Various community events, such as PRIDE events, walks for the hungry or standing up with those who are forced to the outside of the larger community are ways to reach out, to show our Christian love.

Wendy and her wife Mary, a librarian, computer technologist and musician, have been together for almost 20 years.  They celebrated their Holy Union in 1999 and were legally married in 2013.

“I feel called to serve the community as a whole, as well as the church community. We are called to carry the message of God’s love for ALL, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, language, abled-ness, country of birth or any of the many things that draw us apart.” -


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Church of Our Savior, MCC

2011 South Federal Highway

Boynton Beach, FL  33435
Mailing Address: 303 E. Woolbright Rd., PMB #242, Boynton Beach, FL.


e-mail: info.churchofoursaviormcc@gmail.com

Our Sunday Worship is at 10:00 AM

Contact us at: (561) 733-4000

We are an all people affirming and welcoming Congregation - Everyone is welcomed and treated with
respect and love. We have a special outreach to the GLBT Community